The New Mrs. _________________

Getting married is very exciting but it’s a lot of work and the work don’t stop after the wedding day! If you decide to change your last name than you have a lot of running around to do! This checklist should help cover all the bases.

The first step is to make sure you have your Government issued Marriage Certificate and to also bring along Photo ID and your Birth Certificate as they may be required when changing your name.

Drivers License: Bring along your current driver’s license, Birth Certificate as well as your original Marriage Certificate. This can be done at your local DMV and has to be completed within 10 days’ post Marriage. Visit:

Passport: It is not required to change your passport name after marriage, you can keep this passport until it expires to avoid additional fees. It is important to know that when booking travel, you must book it with your maiden name as shown on your passport. When changing your passport name, you can visit the local passport office or apply online. Visit:

SIN #: Your SIN number can be changed by going to your local Service Canada location. You will be required to bring your Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate. You are required to change your name within 60 days. Visit:

MCP: You can visit your local MCP office or complete an Change of Name Form online. You will be required to present your Marriage Certificate. Visit: for more information.

Bank Accounts: The best way to change your name is by visiting your local branch, bring your new driver's license and your marriage license. You should request new checks and debit and credit cards on top of changing the name attached to your accounts. Something to note: You might get hit with fees for requesting a new debit card.

Blils: Any bills that you currently have in your name make sure you contact the provider and follow their procedures on changing the account information.

Canada Revenue: This can be completed over the phone visit:

Other: Insurance (home, personal, business, etc.), dentist office, doctor’s office, loans (student, car, etc.), business accounts, employer(payroll), loyalty cards, memberships (gym, Costco), Air Miles, Aeroplan, Credit Cards (such as Best Buy, Sears, etc,).