Marriage License

Getting your marriage license is an important step in preparation for your wedding. When applying you can contact a marriage license issuer closest to you, which can be found online at:

When applying for your marriage license it is only required to have one person present but both parties getting married must complete an affidavit and have their signatures witnessed by a Notary Public, a Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner of Oaths. If you are out of province and applying, you must have a Notary Public witness your signature. It is important to remember to bring ID for both parties going on the application.

Important things to remember when applying for your marriage license:

  • There is a fee of $50
  • The license is only valid for 30 days from the date it is issued (make sure you watch your dates closely as it needs to be valid for the wedding)
  • The license is sent to the clergy or marriage commissioner which can take up to 4 days, so insure you not leaving it too late. Two – three weeks before the wedding is a good time frame to apply
  • If you are not over the age of 19, special consents may be required so it may be best to leave enough time if this is the case
  • Bring both parties ID’s (drivers license or brith certificate)
  • Proof of martial status may be required. If you have previously been divorced, contact vital statistics online or in person for more information. 
  • The date you are planning to marry
  • Proof of your present marital status

Additional information may be required

For more information, visit Vital Statistics, Service NL, 149 Smallwood Drive (709-729-0305), or online at